Fight wear and gear - Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand


Knockout Gear is the premier retailer for fighting equipment and apparel for Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia. We struggle to bring in only high quality gear from well known and proved manufacturers: Aesthetic, Koral, Fairtex, Twins Special, King, Boon Sport, Shock Doctor, Vulkan, Storm Kimonos, Sprawl, SISU, NationMan, Venum, Hayabusa Fightwear, Bad Boy, Jaco, Throwdown, Dethrone Royalty, DeathClutch, Triumph United, Warrior International and others. Equipment carried: boxing gloves, bjj gi, protective gear, handwraps, mouthguards, shin pads, shorts, t-shirts and a lot more!

Muay thai gloves - Boon Sport, Twins Special, Fairtex.

Muay thai shorts - Boon Sport, Fairtex, 100% satin, high quality.

Kick pads and focus mitts.

SISU Max Mouthguard - the best gum shield in the world.

Leather Shin pads

Elastic hand wraps

Ankle guards by NationMan

MMA Shorts and MMA gloves

We are the official sole distributor of Hayabusa Fightwear in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia.

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